Researchers from the Nanyang Technology University have developed a new battery that boasts a life span of over 20 years, that’s an extra 18 years more than the current lithium-ion batteries that are found in our smartphones and tablets.

As well as promising to last a whole lot longer, these new lithium-ion batteries are also a lot quicker to charge up. According to the research, they can go from empty to seventy percent charge in just two minutes.

battery lasting 20 years developed by researchers

The researchers have been able to create these incredible batteries thanks to a new ground-breaking gel material made from titanium dioxide for the anode. The titanium dioxide gel is converted into tiny nanotubes, which are a thousand times thinner than the diameter of human hair and it’s this that allows the battery to charge up so quickly, as well as lasting longer.

Of course, as well as being more convenient for consumers, the fact that these batteries have such a long lifespan, means there will be far less waste from the disposal of batteries. This is also good news for devices which are notorious for having non-removable batteries, like the iPhone 6.

However, at the moment this new battery is destined for use in electric vehicles and its inventor, Associate Professor Chen Xiandong, hopes that it will make it to market within the next couple of years. However when it does finally reach the smartphone and tablet markets, it will certainly revolutionize the way we charge our devices.

[Image via Nanyang Technology University]