We’ve all had moments when it would’ve been great if we could’ve taken a selfie, but for whatever reason, we couldn’t get to our phone in time, and the moment passed. Sometimes it’s no problem at all to take a selfie, and other times, say when you’re hanging off of a cliff face, it’s not really convenient at all to whip out your phone and take a picture of yourself. But, just because you can’t take the photo doesn’t mean something else can’t do it for you. Meet Nixie – a tiny quadcopter drone that attaches to a kind of wrist bracelet, flies off to take a picture of you when requested, and then flies right back to you. If that sounds a little reminiscent of a boomerang, that’s because it is. Nixie, for all intents and purposes, is a boomerang drone that takes pictures of you. And that’s awesome.

With Nixie, all you have to do is flick your wrist, and it will fly off to its business without you having to do anything else.

Nixie: A Selfie Boomerang Drone That Attaches To Your Wrist

Could you imagine having your very own selfie drone attached to your wrist? While people might look at you a little strange, it will probably be because they want one too and don’t have one.

Hopefully the boomerang feature will work correctly and it won’t fly off in search of a new home.

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[Image via DesignBoom]