There are lots of ‘read-it-later’ services that are available on the Internet but Pocket is one of the best there is. It has changed a lot since the Instapaper-esq functions of the original service, to now encompass a broader range of tools. A key feature of Pocket is the way that you can save almost any type of format from almost any type of platform you choose.


We have provided a few key shortcuts for using the service on both the Web and on mobile platforms:

Via the Web

The easiest way to save content from the Web is through an official Pocket browser extension; as soon as you have signed up for the service, you will be asked if you would like to download an extension for your convenience. Extensions are available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Once you have installed the extension you will see a new Save to Pocket option on your browser’s right-click context menu. This menu gives you options when it comes to saving articles on your Pocket account. You can save links to Pocket by right-clicking on them-there is no need to open them in your browser.


Pocket plugs directly into IFTTT, which gives you even more options. When you have connected your Pocket account, you can use any RSS feed as a trigger and subsequently save the link to your storage.You can use almost any IFTTT trigger in a similar manner. If you want to save your updates from your various social media accounts you can. You can also save images from your mobile apps, and videos added to your Watch Later playlist on your YouTube account.