The Danish brewer Carlsberg is introducing what they are saying is the world’s first ‘digital beer mat’.  Carlsberg has sent out NFC-enabled beer mats to over 200 pubs and bars in Denmark.  The aim is to support their Crowdit lifestyle app.  The app keeps users updated on the local nightlife gives options for food and drink and transportation.

Because the beer mats are equipped with the latest mobile ecommerce technology, users will be able to touch their phone to the beer mats in order to download the Crowdit app.  The mats will also be connected to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons installed in the pubs.  These will also let them users receive special offers and promotions.  Carlsberg are hoping this will encourage business and therefore boost sales for operators.

Proximity marketing specialist, Tamoco, provided the NFC and Bluetooth platform and the campaign will run until the end of 2014.

Probably the Smartest Beer Mats in the World

Martin Majlund, group marketing technologist at Carlsberg said,  “We are always looking for ways we can use technology to enhance the messages we deliver to our customers…Using proximity technology such as NFC and iBeacon allow us to do just that, and gives us the ability to deliver content that is relevant in both its context and timing. Being able to dynamically change the messages through the cloud based on factors such as time of day or day of week gives us a whole new dimension to connect with our customers.”

The top Smartphones that are available on the market are now equipped with NFC technology, mainly because customers are increasingly embracing ecommerce options.  The latest major organization to accept the payment method is the London Underground network when they integrated the system last month.  They so far have recorded over one million uses in the short period of time since the adoption.

[Image via mobilemarketingmagazine]