I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but everywhere you go it seems like people are using their smartphones. Maybe they’re looking at their Facebook newsfeed, maybe they’re snapchatting, or, maybe they’re just taking a picture or two. (Or, God forbid, they might actually be using the phone to make a phone call). Whatever the case, it’s definitely a rare instance when someone is not looking down at their smartphone. It’s gotten so bad that multiple people have ran into things and even walked off of piers because their eyes were glued to their phones. While it would be hilarious to witness someone falling into the water because they were distracted by Facebook (or whatever), it shows that many of us have become slightly addicted to our phones. Just how addicted? Well, according to a survey completed by Tecmark, it shows that on average, people look at their phones for 3 hours a day, and they pick them up somewhere around 1500 times a week.

Wow – maybe you’re not startled by those numbers, but I am. That seems crazy – most of us spend 3 hours a day just looking at our phones?

Study Shows You Probably State At Your Phone 3 Hours A Day

That’s a whole lot of screen time and it breaks down to around 21 hours a week if the 3 hour a day statistics ring true. So, that means that at the end of a week, we’ve spent approximately an entire day looking at our phones.

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[Image via HypeScience]