Are you in a long distance relationship?  Meet the Kissenger (short for kiss messenger).  It allows lovers to send kisses when they are far away from each other. Author of 5 Ways Love Affects the Brain, Hoorman Samani and creator of the Kissenger says: ”It is mostly a symbolic romantic device.”


With Kissenger You Can Send Your Love Long Distance

Each partner has a device.  The device can read the qualities of a kiss (such as force) which are then transmitted through an interactive interface from the other device. A person must kiss the device on the ‘lips’in order to send the information.  The other person can then receive the ‘kiss’on their device.  Each device comes equipped with ‘eyes’and pink silicone ‘lips’.

The Kissenger is ready for preorder but wont be ready until 2015.  It will retail for $50, a small price to pay for love!

Researchers were able to test the Kissenger on 10 couples in long-distance relationships. Each couple used it for three weeks and then gave feedback on the functionality of the device. Some of the feedback included a complaint that the ‘lip’material was too hard.  Softer material would help make it “much more expressive.”

Although the point of the device is to “transfer emotions to the loved ones,” Kissenger’s research team also acknowledged that certain social, emotional and ethical issues could crop up. “On the legal front, these devices also open a debate related to aspects of adultery in relationships.  For example, would usage of the device with another person constitute infidelity by the partner?”

The researchers also stated that another possible problem could stem from couples using the device for too long causing them to experience a lack of physical affection.

In the October-November 2014 issue of the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, the outline of development and testing research of the Kissenger was published.

[Image via: kissengers]