There’s never a good reason to drink and drive, and there’s usually never a good enough reason to use an app on your smartphone while you’re behind the wheel. There’s enough going on on the road to worry about what someone said in a text message or in an email. A 27-year-old woman from Louisville, Kentucky, is learning this lesson the hard way as she was recently pulled over while using her smartphone to try and order a pizza while driving. After she was stopped by the police, she told them she had earlier drank a beer on top of half of a bottle of wine. What possessed her to get behind the wheel, God only knows, and it might just be a miracle that no one was harmed in the course of the incident.

After police had her pulled over, they discovered that she’d been attempting to order a pizza from Domino’s. Between the alcohol and the distraction(s), this woman was an accident waiting to happen. So, on top of getting a DUI, the woman was also slapped with a citation for using her phone while driving a vehicle.

Woman Gets DUI While Using Smartphone To Order Pizza

Folks, it’s common sense – don’t drink and drive.

While I’m sure there are all kinds of crazy stories out there about the silly things people were trying to do when caught drinking and driving, it’s this story that makes the news today. A pizza isn’t worth someone’s life.

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