The world watched and waited. For a long time there were rumours about how the face of mobile communications would change with the Apple watch. When it was unveiled, many were stunned at how the device looked and how there was a completely new UI to navigate.  The Apple watch is not yet available to purchase however, if you own an iPhone and just can’t wait any longer, then you can have a little fun with Aeternum.

The Apple Watch’s interface looks intriguing and since the product’s unveiling, we have seen numerous developers try to apply the same type of design to smartphones. Currently there is a fully functional version that is available on Cydia’s app store. Obviously you will need to have a jailbroken device to tinker around with this tweak, but I’m sure you will have a blast with it if you do.

Apple Watch UI

The Aeternum tweak is named form it’s Latin origin meaning eternity. This is no doubt due to the  endless pan action. The app will cost you $2.99 to download from Cydia. It functions in much the same manner that Watch Spring and Lucas Menge’s prototype does, by turning your iPhone’s SpringBoard into a grid of circular apps patterned across a wide field.  This field you can pan across to locate what you need. The device also has a clever “wiggle mode” which  allows you to move the icons.

Maybe this tweak will become the norm for touchscreen displays? Or maybe it will just remain confined to the Apple watch and similar wearables?

[Image via appleza]