Gone are the days where you had to trawl through 1000 page laminated catalogues (I would hate to have the job of laminator!) to find that one product you are looking for at Argos.  You would spend ages finding what you were looking for, fill in the order form, submit the order form, pick a number and wait.  Not very efficient though sadly, we have all been through this process. A couple of years ago, Argos decided to improve its in-store experience by exchanging these cumbersome catalogues for trendy tablet computers.  It’s much easier to just type in the search engine and watch your product miraculously pop up on screen.

Now Argos intends on making online shopping even easier for customers.  It has created its first collection-only store in London at Cannon Street Tube Station.  You can order your product on-line and simply pick it up.  Easy! With long opening hours, those last-minute presents will only be a click away (and maybe a tube stop away).  They also offer same day collection if you purchase or reserve items before 1pm. 

Argos finally realises click and collect is not convenient enough.  Location matters as well!  Other shops have jumped on the click-and-collect bandwagon.  Shops like Homebase have become reliant on online orders.  There is nothing worse than trying to find a product in a store you can only buy online.  With click-and-collect, you can preorder your item and simply pick it up in-store.

Argos has also decided to allow eBay to use its stores as a collection point which won’t effect company giants like Amazon who have pickup points at several tube stations already.  They have even announced that 10,000 Post Offices will have the same service as well.

Pretty soon, we won’t ever need to browse a store.  Just shop from the comfort of our front room, then pick up our product in-store.

[Image via railway-news]

SOURCE: http://www.engadget.com/2014/11/25/argos-click-and-collect-store/?ncid=rss_truncated