As the kids have most likely been gorging themselves from all of the candy they received from Trick or Treating on Halloween, I thought it would be fun to think about some of the awesome Halloween costumes I saw while I took my daughter out Trick or Treating. And while I did see some good ones, (I’m talking to all of the Iron Men and the army of Elsa’s) I think the best one I saw came via the online world. It’s a homemade costume paying homage to a PC game I spent a lot of hours playing when I was younger. Anyone remember MechWarrior? Of course you do. A father, who loved the classic games, wanted to do a Halloween costume with his infant son which incorporated the game. So, he decided to make his own Sunder costume with his son at the helm. And while the whole costume is pretty much only created from cardboard, velcro, and PVC pipe, I think you’ll agree it’s better than a lot of costumes which cost a whole lot more money. Take a look.

And The Award For Best Tech Halloween Costume Goes To...

And just so you can get another angle:

And The Award For Best Tech Halloween Costume Goes To...

While it appeared the baby was piloting the Mech, alas, it was Daddy inside providing all the forward momentum, which led the online world to label this classic costume as MechDaddy.

What do you think? Is this not the greatest idea ever?

[Images via CubeBreaker & CNET]