Tires are one of those things that all seem pretty much the same. Oh, the brands are all different, but most all of them are round, rubber, and full of air. And they’re not all that cheap to replace, either. Tires are one of those things you don’t really think about until one of them goes flat or you realize they’ve about all lost their tread. One of those attributes could be changing for good in the future, though – that is if Bridgestone has anything to say about it. They developed an airless tire back in 2011, but they claim they’ve now come up with a better design and have begun showing it off at the Paris Motor Show.

Better Airless Tires Are On Their Way!

Honestly, the thing doesn’t even resemble any tire I’ve ever seen; it looks more like a round sort of air filter to my eyes. But I guess that’s the point – since the “tire” has no air, it doesn’t have to look like a normal everyday tire. The inside is made up of resin that’s able to absorb shocks, and the outside is comprised of rubber that’s able to be replaced later on down the road without having to replace the whole tire.

So, why did they decide to alter the whole tire design in the first place? Apparently, these airless tires are going to be a lot easier to recycle which will be better on the environment.

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[Image via NYTimes]