If you like archaeology and you own a 3D printer then you could recreate some of the artefacts that are held in The British Museum. The British Museum has been working in collaboration with Sketchfab, an online platform, which allows you to share and download 3D scans. You now can create 14 different 3D models of busts, statues and sarcophagi from The British Museum collection in your own home.

Now you can 3D print the copies of ancient artifacts in your own home.

Now you can 3D print the copies of ancient artifacts in your own home.

The “first downloadable collection” from the museum includes a stone figure of the Aztec god Ziuhcoatl (created around 1325-1521 AD), a granite head of Egyptian pharaoh Amenemhat III from the 12th Dynasty (around 1800 BC), and a marble bust of Zeus of 1st century origin. Interesting to note that this particular piece is described as “found/acquired” from Roman emperor Hadrian’s Villa.

The idea of 3D printing artefacts is not new, in fact New York’s Metropolitan Museum, released its own set of downloadable 3D models back in 2012. It is cool to think that you don’t need to visit these places of historic interest anymore to view these ancient relics; you just need a computer and a 3D printer.

It is worth noting for you budding Indiana Jones types that you should remember the cost of undertaking 3D printing objects. After all it may just cost you a small fortune making your own desktop statuette of an Aztec god at home, instead of actually ordering a replica from the gift shop at the museum.

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SOURCE: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/british-museum-releases-scans-of-artefacts-to-let-you-3d-print-your-own-museum-at-home-9837654.html