Have you started thinking about what to get your friends and family for Christmas yet? Believe it or not, that time of the year is quickly approaching. If you have any Atari fans to buy for this year, I have the perfect gift for you. If you remember from earlier this year, Techbeat reported that a ton of old classic Atari games were found buried in a landfill in Alamogordo, New Mexico. While normally video games in a landfill wouldn’t make any news headlines whatsoever, these games were different, because these games are mostly copies of the Atari disaster that was E.T. While the movie was hugely successful, the video game? Not so much. In fact, it’s known as one of the worst games ever, and as a result, tons of them were buried “forever” in said landfill, only to be excavated 30 years later. They were discovered earlier this year by a filmmaker who is making a documentary about the burial.

All of that history just to tell you that you can buy one of the “buried” games on eBay right now! I can’t tell you if it’ll work or not, but it’s a piece of history nonetheless and even comes with a certificate of authenticity. As of this writing, the auction has 8 days left, and bids have so far totaled up to $520.


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[Image via T3]

SOURCE: Gizmodo