Feeling a craving to go south of the border right about now? Need a little fourth-meal? Don’t have a lot of time to stand in line waiting for your food at Taco Bell? Good news – as of today, you won’t have to, because Taco Bell has fully gone live with their mobile ordering system. That’s right – you can now use their app via your smartphone and order all the Taco Bell you want and never have to stand in line behind their counter, unless of course you want to, that is.

Here’s how it works: you order whatever food you’d like from the app (there’s even going to be app-exclusive food), and then you go and pick up your order from the drive-thru window, or, if you’re feeling brave, you can go inside and take your chances with the crowd which may or may not be there. No more indecisiveness at the counter, and no more having to wait what sometimes seems like eternity for your ticket number to be called.

You Can Now Order Taco Bell From Your Smartphone

While many fast-food restaurants have played around with mobile apps/ordering, Taco Bell is really one of the first big-name restaurants to actually bring it into fruition. Naturally, only time will tell if it will turn out to be successful. If it does turn into a success story, one can only imagine that many more restaurants will be quick to follow suit. After all, I can’t even remember the last time I ordered a pizza without using my smartphone. I can imagine something similar happening here.

What do you think? Would you hesitate to order your Taco Bell from your phone? Let us know in the comments section below!

[Image via z6mag]