Imagine having a 3D model of yourself to send to your parents to keep on top of the television, fireplace or even their dresser!  Gone are the days where you took photos with your friends in a photo booth. Now you can print a 3D selfie/groupie.  3DMe Photo booth offers 200 interesting and funny figurine choices you can print.   It’s a great gift idea and should offer a lot of fun for anyone who wants to experience 3D scanning technology.  You capture your face in full colour with options for a body.  It’s as simple as 1…2…3.

It only takes a few seconds to finish scanning then a 3D printed figurine from Cubify can be purchased at the time you take your picture.  The figure will then be shipped to you.  3DS allows you choose options suitable for children and adults.  It’s the new and improved selfie!

Peter Theran, Vice President of Consumer Retail for 3DS stated, “The 3DMe Photo booth will mainstream the 3D scanning and cloud printing experience, creating buzz and attracting crowds by bringing it right to the retail floor or event venue.  Retailers can deliver 3D innovation to their customers in a fun, interactive environment with a very small footprint, and its ease-of-use and cloud-based order and fulfilment makes it simple to install and monetise the investment.”

This is a great product for retailers, as users can operate the photo booth themselves therefore no employees are needed to operate it. 

The machine itself, is 24 x 24 inches with a height of 70 inches.  It’s quite compact and won’t take up a lot of space in a shop.  We shall have to see how popular this product becomes.

[Image via rapidadditivemanufacturing]