When you open a new document in Photoshop, do you take advantage of the preset document options? Or do you do what many users do and just click OK, set your image name as Untitled-1 and then change your image options later on in Photoshop itself? If you are doing the same sort of image again and again, you can save a lot of time by making use of the Photoshop presets, both default and custom.


Open Photoshop, choose File, New and the New Document window will pop up. Photoshop tries to help form the outset, it will pre-fill the details of the last document you created, or even better if you have a document on your clipboard, it will pre-fill the New document parameters with the size and details of whatever that document is. At the very top you can set the document name, if you have never done this, get into the habit, you will have to do it later anyway if you ever intend on saving this document, but do it now and there’s no danger of having 183 copies of unidentifiable forgotten images all called Unititled sat on your harddrive.

Under the Name field is the one we are interested in, the Preset field. It will default to whatever you used last, probably Custom, but if you click the arrow to the right, it will show the profiles your version of Photoshop has pre-loaded, which will include common photograph, print, web, mobile, film and video sizes and settings, all of which are useful under the right conditions. Within each pre-set are a number of sizes you can also pre-select, so choose International Paper and you can then choose A5, A4, A3 etc…