Most all of us have to deal with email at work. And, unfortunately, many of us also have to deal with work emails when we’re at home. Or at play. Or at the store. Or anywhere – you get the idea. In this technological age, even when we’re away from the office, the office isn’t all that far from us. In fact, for many of us, it’s right there in our pocket in the form of a smartphone. While smartphones are great devices, they’ve also kind of made us available all of the time. Think about it – they have our contacts, our emails, our calendars, etc. – our whole lives are contained in our iPhones (or Androids, or whatever your phone of choice is), so that even when we’re off, we’re never really “off”. The boss can still get a hold of us in the form of an email. That’s where the app Enforced Vacation comes into play. For the price of a gigantic $1 a month (first month’s free), Enforced Vacation will make sure your work emails don’t bug you when you’re not at work. They will keep them at work so that you can live your life when you’re free from the confines of the office.

Enforced Vacation Makes Your Work Emails Stay At Work

Enforced Vacation users can set up various settings for not being bothered, including setting up different “off” times and/or selecting certain people they don’t want to hear from after the work day’s over. What’s a dollar a month for a little peace and quiet after work? If there is a true “urgent” email, there are ways to get it through the channels. Likewise, if you feel you must check your work email from home, you are still able to do so, though it’s not encouraged.

I’d use it. How about you? Let us know in the comments section below!

[Image via SomeECards]