I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not lately, but I’d bet President Obama has a lot on his mind right now. There’s ISIS, immigration issues, and not to mention all of the civil unrest occurring in Ferguson, Mo. It’s probably enough to make any man (or woman) lose their head after a short while and become forgetful. President Obama dealt with forgetfulness the other day as he was boarding Marine One for a trip to Vegas. He got on the helicopter, and then rushed right back off of it. Why? Simple – he forgot to grab his Blackberry. (Yes, the President of the United States is one of the few people who still admits to using a Blackberry). He’d allegedly like to use an iPhone, but apparently the Blackberry is a safer device when it comes to national security.

It must have been quite the sight indeed as President Obama ran from the helicopter to the White House, and back to the helicopter with his beloved Blackberry once again in tow. Several people must have been watching him, as he was reported to ask them, “Didn’t you guys ever forget something?” Naturally, photographers were on hand for the moment. Check out some of the photos below.

Even The President Forgets His Phone!

Even The President Forgets His Phone!

So, if you’re one of those people who seem to forget to grab their phone, you’re not alone – it even happens to the President! You’d think he’d have someone to help him make sure he has everything packed, but maybe not.

[Images via Yahoo, Gsmdome]