Google is currently on the road to promote the Internet in Bangladesh. The company recently launched ‘Google Bus Bangladesh’. This is an educational program, which is aimed at teaching key digital skills to over half a million students in the country. Bangladesh is the world’s eighth most populated country and instead of using cutting edge methods to communicate and draw in the crowd, Google is basically having a roadshow.

The firm plans to visit approximately 500 educational campuses across 35 locations over the next year. They bring with them instructors who are able to teach students about important tools to assist them in making the most of the internet.

Students involved in the project will also be able to get hands-on with a number of Internet-connected Android devices as well as talking with instructors. Google has said the hardware will be entry-level devices from Symphony, such as the $70 Xplorer W65i. A Google+ community for the project has been set up, where students can access more information and exchange ideas.

James McClure from the Google Asia Pacific team said, “Bangladesh is a country on the move with a large pool of young citizens that’s leading the Internet charge. Equipped with the right training, the youth can be the cornerstone for creating a connected, digital Bangladesh.

It is still interesting to note that two-thirds of the world is estimated to be offline. There are local initiatives such as the Google Bus in Bangladesh that offer inexperienced or first-time Internet users an opportunity to get to grips with the Internet, thereby learning for themselves the basics they need and the possible benefits of being connected online.