It appears as though Google has set their sights away from the Google Glass product at the moment and they are moving forward with Android Wear, Android and Chrome products. Whilst the search giant has seemingly left the headset device behind for a while, a new patent from Google suggested they may be working on an updated version of the heads-up-display, which features a built-in projector.


The patent was filed back in April 2013, but was published last Thursday, describes a “head-mounted display including integrated projector.” The images, which accompany the patent, suggest it looks like a modified version of the original Google Glass model, but this includes a tiny projector affixed to the side of the optical device. The patent explains the primary purpose of the new  hardware, would be to share information with other people that are in close proximity to you.

I think that a device like Google Glass is an interesting way for sharing things with others around you. By adding a projector to Glass, you would be transforming a personal device into group activity. This may come in handy for things like projecting photos or video taken with Google Glass and showing it to friends or family members.

Of course this information does not guarantee the patent will become a reality anytime soon. Currently Google seems quite happy pushing out small updates for the current model.

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