Most of us have to use the bathroom at some point during the night. There’s nothing embarrassing about it; it’s just a fact of life. We all have to go to the bathroom, and sometimes, we have to do it in the middle of the night! While we’re at it, we might as well also admit that it’s sometimes a pain to head to the bathroom after you’ve been asleep for anytime at all. First, you’re groggy and are likely to run into everything and stub a toe somewhere during the journey. Second (and probably a bigger pain), it hurts your eyes too much to turn on the bathroom light, so you leave it off, and completely miss the toilet. (I’m talking to guys). And girls, sometimes you might venture to sit down in the dark only to realize someone forgot to put the seat down. We all know what happens next. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to happen anymore, as some smart folks on Kickstarter have created the IllumiBowl – a tiny clip-on light that lights up your toilet bowl when you enter, and turns off the light when you leave. And since it comes in all kinds of different colors, that makes it even better. It’s not a blinding light, but rather a soft and peaceful light that allows you to do your business and then go right back to sleep without any problems.

IllumiBowl Lights Up Your Toilet At Night

Have a look for yourself at the video promo below:

The IllumiBowl has already exceeded its original goal of $20,000 and has raised as of this writing $57,081. Here’s the best part: if you’re interested, you can pledge at least $15 and they’ll send you an IllumiBowl in January of 2015. But you’d better hurry, because their Kickstarter closes in 23 days!

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[SOURCE/IMAGE via Kickstarter]