If you’ve ever tried to “lend” a Kindle book to anyone, than you know how incredibly frustrating of an experience it can be. Even though it’s technically possible to lend an e-book, most e-books, especially the popular ones, are not available to be lent. Take my word for it, as I’ve tried to lend many books out only to be met with disappointment when I realize it isn’t possible. Thankfully, though, Amazon is soon to release a much needed update that will make it easier to lend your e-books.

The new update will allow you to share your books with your spouse/family, and while it won’t let you lend them to just anyone, at least they can be shared with members of your family. The update also adds a “Words Wise” feature which will display definitions of difficult words for those whose primary language might not be of the English variety. Also included in the update is an expanded X-Ray feature which will allow you to quickly glimpse all throughout the book.

Kindles Are Getting A Needed Update!

The new update will be available for the Kindle Voyage, the Kindle Paperwhite, as well as the newest Kindle model. It can be downloaded from the Amazon site or will be released as a software update to your device.

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SOURCE: ReadWrite