It’s that time of the year again for Christmas trees, Christmas shopping, and Christmas cookies. This year, though, why not make some unique cookies? Forget about the Santa cookies and the Christmas tree cookies – why not make some cookies that come from a galaxy far far away? ThinkGeek has designed a brand new set of Star Wars gingerbread cookie cutouts, and they’re sure to bring out the Jedi (or Sith) in all of us.

For the relatively low price of $14.99, you can make cookies in the flat gingerbread forms of Yoda, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, a stormtrooper, C-3P0, or Chewbacca. I’m not sure why R2-D2 wasn’t included, but maybe they’re saving him for a future set. While it’s true these cookie cutters don’t really “do” anything, they’re still a novelty item and a must-have for any Star Wars fan who also likes to bake. (Or, for any baker who also likes Star Wars).

Make Star Wars Gingerbread Cookies This Holiday Season

Think of it this way – the cookies you bring to the work Christmas party this year would definitely stand out from among the competition. Honestly, what trumps a Yoda cookie? I don’t know either.

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[Image via ThinkGeek]