I love going to see movies at the theatre. I’d go a whole lot more if it wasn’t so expensive, but that’s another story for another day. Besides the price of the movie (and don’t get me started on the prices on the concessions), my big pet peeve at the movies is people using their cell phones while they movie’s playing. I’m fine with everyone using their phones before the movie and even during the previews, but once the movie starts, I fully believe everyone should pocket their phones. It’s only polite – no one wants to keep seeing a phone light up every few seconds while they’re trying to enjoy a movie they paid to see. One man who attended a recent screening of Mr. Turner at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood got fed up with another person who insisted on using their phone throughout the movie. He was annoyed by the way the phone’s light kept distracting him from everything happening on the screen.

Man Asks Woman To Turn Off Phone In Movie, Gets Maced

He tried to get the person’s attention, but failed. Finally, he tapped the person on the arm and asked her to turn her phone off, and she started yelling that he had hit her. She then shined the phone’s flashlight on him before she allegedly sprayed him with mace, which understandably led to his leaving the theatre. Some time later the woman was also asked to leave the movie before she had the chance to mace any other unfortunate viewer. It’s unclear as of yet if any charges will be filed due to the incident. The things people will do these days!

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[Image via Bossip]