The Impossible is the envy of bike manufacturers the world over. Finally someone has reached the, seemingly impossible, goal of manufacturing a vehicle that is capable of actually fitting inside an average sized backpack…Yes, I did say, ‘a backpack’. The Impossible bike was three years in the making and it has recently begun campaign on the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter. Not only has the campaign started, but the goal has been smashed in a very short time with over a month to go. The Impossible no doubt will win an accolade of design sometime in the near future, as it is a good looking vehicle, which cleverly folds down into a case, which then doubles as the saddle.

The really cool design about this bike, is that Despite its small size the Impossible bike is capable of supporting weight of up to 85kg and can travel at speeds of 12.5mph for period of 45 minutes, or a distance of about 15.6 miles at “normal speed”.  This is thanks to the ten 2,900mAh batteries inside this little beauty. The Impossible bike uses a brushless DC motor that has been designed and built specifically for this vehicle. The result is a pedal-free riding experience.

To be able to unfold the bike, ready for use, takes a four stage process: Unlock, Combine twisting out the saddle post and handlebars, Pull up to height, Put and Lock as the saddle is added and the frame locks in place.

The crowdfunding project will have both a black with carbon fibre and a white model that will be available exclusively through the Kickstarter campaign. The Impossible folding electric bike can be yours for $530 Canadian dollars or approximately £300. The shipping for the bike is expected around August 2015. So what are you waiting for? Why not head over to Kickstarter and check it out? I am seriously thinking about this one folks.

[Image via highsnobiety & fdk]