I’m sure its happened to many of you smartphone-carrying people!  I recently dropped my iPhone and shattered the screen.  I was horrified!  I even had it in a case but it fell directly onto its front, causing a sickening and heart wrenching shatter (a bit dramatic, I know).  Rendering a phone completely unusable, screen breakages can wreck havoc on our busy lives.  We depend on our phones for work, communication and important photography moments.  

However, U.S. glassmaker, Corning Inc, has recently claimed that they have created a new, more robust Gorilla Glass 4, an alkali-aluminosilicate sheet toughened glass, to protect our smartphones.

Why is it tougher?  Nobody knows, as it’s Corning’s trade secret.  However, knowing that people drop their phones all the time, the company decided to develop a new glass after drop-testing smartphones in a variety of different ways.

They knew how clumsy we can get with our devices.  Corning’s researchers improved their design and recipe, so even when dropped from one meter onto a hard surface, a phone’s screen could survive up to 80% of the time.  That’s an amazing statistic, considering they used to shatter consistently.

This new and improved glass is already making its rounds to smartphone manufacturers.  Buying a new phone in 2015, you’ll probably see Gorilla Glass 4 being drummed up as a key feature in your new smartphone. 

You can soon become a bit more haphazard with your device, if you like? You could even give your brand new iPhone 6 Plus to your toddler to carry.  Its up to you!  No more panic as your phone takes a tumble.

[Image via telezkope]

SOURCE: http://gizmodo.com/next-gen-gorilla-glass-wants-to-save-your-phone-from-fa-1661072341