Look – I get as excited about a good deal as the next person, but there’s no way in this world I’d camp out for several weeks to save a few hundred bucks. And, having worked my fair share of Black Friday’s in the retail world, I’d just as soon stay as far away from all of the craziness as I can. But, I realize most people don’t think the same way I do (and that’s okay), and there are people in the world who are willing to go to extreme measures to get the items they want at a price they can afford. Every year, Best Buy makes headlines as much for their Black Friday deals as the people who are willing to camp out to get said deals. This Black Friday is no different, of course, and there are already people beginning to camp outside of one of their California stores. Two friends have been there since sometime last week, and with all their snacks and blankets – as well as help from their husbands – it doesn’t appear they’ll be going anywhere until Turkey Day is long over. Just in case you’re trying to figure out how long they’ll be there, they still have two weeks until Thanksgiving. What could be so important for them to buy? Oh, you know – a 50-inch HD TV on sale for $199. (Any other day it would cost $499).

People Already Lining Up For Best Buy's Black Friday Sales!

As more and more stores are opening their doors earlier and earlier on Thanksgiving Day, one can only wonder if things are starting to become more important than family. Let’s hope not, for all our sakes.

Is there anything you’d camp out for weeks to buy for a discounted price? Or, are you getting sick of all of the consumerism of the Holiday Season? Let us know in the comments section below!

[Image via WXPI]