3D printing is great isn’t it? We can design and print almost anything, from houses to cars. Since the advent of 3D printers, we didn’t have to wait too long before someone created the world’s first 3D printed laptop. The Pi-Top 3D printed laptop has broken its funding target on crowd-funding website, Indiegogo and costs £180. The kit includes a template for the case and a Raspberry Pi.

3D Print your own laptop with Pi-Top.

3D Print your own laptop with Pi-Top.

The Pi-Top has been designed to teach people how to build 3D printed circuits and real hardware. It does this by teaching users as they construct the laptop itself, and then beyond. The Pi-Top can be 3D printed with the case incorporated as a file for those with 3D printers to produce. The kit does also is provided with an injection molded laptop case for those people who do not have any access to a 3D printer.

The Pi-Top creators, Oxford University engineering science graduates Jess Lozana and Ryan Dunwoody, have said they hope it will teach children to become more computer literate. “If something breaks, you can instantly fix it. A lot of parents are buying it for their kids because they see it as a really good way for them to start understanding the technology behind the devices they are using every day,” Said Dunwoody.

Once the Pi-Top has been constructed, users will learn how to build other pieces of hardware with printed circuit boards and 3D printed parts for devices such as robots and home sensor automation kits.

More information about the Pi-Top is currently available on Indiegogo, so why not head on over and check it out?

[image via Indiegogo]

SOURCE: http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/131679-pi-top-is-the-world-s-first-3d-printed-laptop-build-it-yourself-for-180