I love heartwarming stories, especially around this time of the year. Don’t you? New dad Eric Hart has a job many of us would probably envy; he’s a professional prop maker. Ever since July, though, he’s been spending his time in the hospital with his son who was born prematurely. And for his son’s first Halloween, he wanted to do something extra special for him, even if he’d only be able to Trick or Treat in the neonatal ICU. Since he makes awesome props for a living, he decided to turn his tiny son into the world’s smallest version of Iron Man, and the pictures are inspiring to say the least. Eric had this to say regarding his decision: “Our son has spent his entire life in the hospital…For his first Halloween, he needed a costume that would help him feel brave. Why not Iron Man?” Why not, indeed.

Prop Maker Turns Sick Son Into Iron Man For Halloween

He made the helmet completely out of foam and hot glue, and the rest of the outfit is comprised of a onesie along with some fabric. The end result is pretty great if I say so myself! I don’t think Eric or his family will be forgetting their son’s first Halloween costume anytime soon.

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[Image via 6ABC]