Have you ever found yourself shouting at the Television? I know I have. Wouldn’t it be great if you could alter your viewing from a voice command? Well, if Sony has their way pretty soon that could be a reality. Sony’s has a plan, which has been in development since approximately 2012, but an application to the US patent office that was filed recently sheds some new light on the subject.


It has been discovered that a patent has been filed by Sony, which would allow Television viewers to skip over advertisements by shouting out the name of the product that was being advertised.

In the new patent filing there were also a number of other ways to speed up or skip over an advertisement. This includes the ability to interact with the Television using a controller similar to a games console remote.

In one of the examples that were cited, a user is asked to “throw the pickle to speed up commercial” this was in relation to a diagram of a man using a hand-held device to throw a virtual pickle at the Television screen during an advertisement for a burger. Sony expects users to interact with advertisements before they will disappear. The patent filing is unclear on exactly how long a viewer would have to interact with the advertisement before it would do so though.

The technology that is listed to be involved includes Bluetooth, motion sensing, networked tablets and voice recognition. Apparently there is research, which has shown that the brain is becoming more adapted at tuning out of commercials on Television. The upshot of this, means that advertisers are researching new ways to engage their targeted markets.

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SOURCE: http://www.appy-geek.com/Web/ArticleWeb.aspx?regionid=4&articleid=31261007