Earrings are great and all, but they really don’t do all that much, do they? I mean they look pretty and are a great accessory, but when it comes to function, all they really do is hang there until they’re removed. We should have known, though, with pretty much everything else out there getting a smart upgrade, that earrings probably wouldn’t be too far behind. And here’s what a man by the name of Ravender Saini came up with: smart earrings that are completely able to monitor their wearer’s heart rate, calories burned, and fitness activities. He originally came up with the idea after he discovered that a lot of women weren’t all that comfortable with fitness bands, etc., and he wanted to come out with something that would appeal to the female sex. He ultimately came up with a working prototype which he has dubbed the Ear-O-Smart.

These Smart Earrings Keep An Eye On Your Heart Rate, Etc.

If you’re wondering how a pair of earrings can check and monitor your heart rate, you’re definitely not alone. The studs of the Ear-O-Smart are actually imbedded with all kinds of sensors which help to track the blood flow from around your ear. The studs then transmit that information via Bluetooth to a smartphone where it can be tracked and monitored.

Saini is hard at work now trying to come up with a longer lasting rechargeable battery.

If you’d like to view his progress on Kickstarter, you can click this link.

[Image via TechDissected]