I’ve said it many times on here before, but here it is once again – smartphones are wonderful – except when they lose their charge and you can’t readily charge them. Maybe you’re at work and forgot the charger. Maybe you’re on the bus, or in the subway, or wherever you might find yourself without easy access to an electrical outlet to charge your phone. Luckily, most tech companies out there are on board with the fact that our smartphones (and devices) are incredibly important and essential to our day to day lives. That’s why they’re trying to make it easier than ever to give them some juice when they need it the most, and in a way that’s incredibly convenient. Take the company Nifty for instance: they’ve designed a normal looking belt that is fully capable of charging your phone. It’s called the XOO Belt (think Zoo), and it might just change how you charge your phone while you’re on the go.

This XOO Belt Can Charge Your Smartphone

On the outside, it’s a regular classy belt; however, on the inside, it’s anything but ordinary. A hidden power/USB cord runs along the length of the inside of the belt, while the buckle part contains a rechargeable battery as its power source. All you have to do is plug the charging cable into your phone and slide it into your pocket. And if your shirt’s long enough, no one would even know you’re charging your phone.

I have to admit – I really like the concept of the XOO Belt because of its simplicity. It’s not as if we’d all have to remember to bring a cord to work (or wherever) with us – all we’d have to do is remember to wear a belt, which is something I’d bet most of us put on everyday as it is without really even thinking about it.

The XOO Belt is currently in an Indiegogo phase and they have a little under $7,000 left to raise (as of this writing) to meet their goal of $50,000. If you’d like to be an “early bird” and get a deal on one of the belts, you can pledge $125 and have one shipped to you when it’s ready.

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[Image via Digital Trends]

SOURCE: Indiegogo