Twitter is arguably one of the most powerful tools for companies to interact with customers and fans, however at the same time it can also be one of the most dangerous, with humorous hashtags often backfiring. In worst case scenarios some tweets have majorly offended, insulted or just downright annoyed Twitter users. Because of Twitter’s viral nature, it doesn’t take long for tweet fails to circle the globe, giving everyone the opportunity to voice their opinions and leaving big brands with nowhere to hide. Here’s a collection of some of the biggest corporate Twitter fails, that big company’s wish we could just forget.

British Gas

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Back in October 2013 British Gas decided to tweet its customers asking what they thought of the company. Of course customer feedback is essential to any company but unfortunately British Gas got the timing all wrong, choosing to ask on the same day that they increased energy prices by 9.2%. Thus ensued a barrage of responses from unhappy people. The lesson learnt? - Timing is everything!