The United States Postal Service (USPS) is the latest organization to suffer a hacking attack, they reported last week. What they didn’t report, however, was the severity of the attack, or how many people it may ultimately affect. The information they did provide the public about the attack probably leaves many more questions than it answers, but they did mention that the FBI (among others) are currently investigating.

United States Postal Service Was Hacked Last Week

It seems the hacked information could include the social security numbers, names, dates of birth, emergency contacts, and addresses of employees of the United States Postal Service. They also stated that USPS customers who had used the call center might be at risk, but that customers who had visited their local post office or used their services online are not currently at risk. As of right now, though, they say there’s no need for any action to be taken on anyone’s part. They also noted how they haven’t yet seen any sign of “malicious” activity.

It’s anyone’s guess how best to prevent this type of hacking in the future, as it definitely seems like hackings are becoming more and more commonplace these days.

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[Image via Inquisitr]