Vinyl records, it seems, are now more popular than they’ve been since the 1990’s, and in a day and age of digital music, that’s saying something. In the UK alone, they’ve sold over 1 million vinyls this year, which hasn’t happened since 1996. And in case you’re curious, it’s Pink Floyd’s new album The Endless River that holds the top-selling spot of the year so far. (It somehow seems appropriately fitting that Pink Floyd has sold the most vinyls of the year).

So, why the increase in vinyl sales as opposed to digital sales? And in case you’re curious, digital sales are definitely in no danger of becoming obsolete, no matter how many physical records sell off of the shelves. I think the main reason for the increase is the novelty factor – not everyone owns a record player, and there’s just something about listening to an album on a turntable; it’s more of an experience than just pushing the play button. Whereas many used to gather around the record player in years past to listen to the newest tunes, music has now become mainly an individual experience thanks to iPods and earbuds.

Vinyl Records Are Making A Comeback!

How do you prefer to listen to your music? Do you still use cd’s? Are you strictly digital and/or streaming? Are you a fan of vinyl records? Let us know in the comments section below!

[Image via Yeoldewishinshoppe]