The 12.2-inch iPad rumor has been going around for over a year now, but Apple has not shown any signs of updating the size of the tablet to cater for owners who want more screen. A new blueprint, spotted by Japanese magazine Mac Fan, reportedly shows blueprints for the 12.2-inch iPad Air Plus. The new iPad will feature the exact same design, but with an extra 2.2-inch of screen real estate.

Apple has shown willingness to make changes to the size of the iPhone – this year releasing the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus — however the iPad has went in the other direction with the Mini. To update and add a Pro option would not be that shocking, considering the Windows 8 convertible laptops, offering a tablet form factor with Windows 8.

iPad air Plus

Apple has shown less resilience to offering choice under CEO Tim Cook and the 12.2-inch iPad Air Plus might show the more productive side to the iPad, especially if Apple bundle it with a keyboard.

Blueprints are not the confirmation however and until Apple announce the 12.2-inch iPad Air Plus, this should be kept as a rumor at most. We seen last year rumors of the iPhone 6 through blueprints that did not come true.

The iPad Air Plus will most likely be announced later in the year, at the same time the iPad Air and iPad Mini get another iterative update. Considering the slowdown in tablet sales, Apple could do with a new size to perk interest.