This week Apple has launched a Tumblr blog for iTunes. The ‘blog’ is a highly customized theme, which closely reflects Apple’s own website rather than a typical Tumblr page. The page features music, movies, TV and book content. The individual posts consist of images, videos and animated GIFs of differing artists. The idea is that Tumblr users are able to reblog these images onto their own feeds, for sharing on their social platforms.

Currently, the blog is noticeably featuring Apple’s Best of 2014 recommendations for iTunes. This isn’t the first time that Apple have turned to different social media for ad purposes. For some time now, the guys over at iTunes and iBooks have been running active Twitter accounts, this is even despite Apple, still not taking up an official Twitter account. These accounts are not small either, with @iTunesMusic having over 6 million followers, for example. This isn’t the first time that Apple have had relations with Tumblr, Apple used Tumblr for an iPhone 5c advertising campaign a while back.

It looks like Apple are not keeping themselves away from social media too much, as some previously thought they would do. In September of this year Apple CEO Tim Cook, joined Twitter and the company even live blogged their own September media event via the #applelive hashtag.

On a related note, iTunes also opened an official Instagram account earlier this month.

[Image via slashgear]