It’s no surprise to anyone by now that the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) games are incredibly popular right now and that stores sell them in droves, especially since GTA: V has just been “re-released” on the PlayStation 4 among other consoles. Just as the game’s popularity is no surprise anymore, neither is the violence contained within the gameplay; after all, it isn’t rated “Mature” for nothing. It contains a huge amount of sexual content, extreme violence, and all kinds of harsh language just to name a few of the reasons for the rating. As a result of the graphic content within the game, some Australian retailers have decided not to stock it in their stores. Target was the first retailer to remove it, and now Kmart has followed suit.

Australian Stores Are Banning GTA V

Why now? Apparently a group of women who claim to be sex industry victims started a petition to have the game removed. It didn’t take all that long for their petition to get some 40,000 signatures, and now retailers are acting in what they believe to be is in the best interest of their clientele. It remains to be seen if other stores will follow Kmart and Target’s action and take the game off of their shelves as well.

In a world that often seems all about money, it is refreshing to see that sometimes companies still care about what their customers think. What do you think of their move? Do you support GTA: V? Let us know in the comments section below!

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SOURCE: The Guardian