Introducing the smart bicycle that charges your mobile phone and works with onboard navigation.  It monitors your health as you ride and looks good!  Meet the Baidu DuBike. Created by the Chinese search engine company Baidu, as well as the design department at Tsinghua University, there is currently no estimated retail price or release date; however,  it is due to be launched in China very soon.

Although the only colour it comes in is grey, this could change if production and popularity of the product in China increases.

So what are the main features of the Baidu DuBike?  First, it connects through Bluetooth to your smartphone to give you access to GPS tracking and mapping.  You will be able to see real-time location updates.  Updates on traffic will also be available and suggested routes will appear on the DuBike application.

There will also be social networking available (though I recommend not checking it while you ride) that was created specifically for the Baidu bike and any future models.

You will also be able to access Health Guide, which tracks your heartbeat through a separate wearable device or monitor in the handlebars.  Speed, air pressure and peddle rate are also collected so that an exercise routine can be provided for you through the smartphone application.

So what is the bad news? Although there is no release date yet, there is also a slim chance it will ever make its way outside of China.  Hopefully, though, this smart bike will pave the way for future inventors to create a new and improved bicycle for riders everywhere.

[Image via techinasia]