If there’s one thing that never seems to slow down, it has to be Bigfoot sightings. Every week, it seems, I see or hear about someone else finally finding the elusive Sasquatch. There are even cable television shows now dedicated to finding him or her. You think if Bigfoot did definitely exist, that someone would have some definitive proof which no one would be able to deny. After all, with all of the technology currently available at our fingertips, it should theoretically be easier than ever to find the beast. There have been all kinds of supposed sightings over the years, of course, but many of those have proven to be hoaxes.

Has Bigfoot Finally Been Found? (Video)

Adam Bird, a Bigfoot “expert” from the U.K., thinks he may really be onto something, though. He has recently uploaded some video he took from back in June to his YouTube account (I’m not sure what took him so long), and many believe Bigfoot is heard as well as briefly seen in the video. The video supposedly comes from an area where there have been various Sasquatch sightings.

Me, I’m not totally convinced, but that’s just me. Whatever it is that goes by the camera doesn’t appear to look like Bigfoot, but then again, I’m by no means a Bigfoot expert. Have a look below and see what you think – then, let us know what you think in the comments section below!

[Image via Skeptic]