Earlier in the year, pictures and reports of a self-driving car from Google hit the internet in force, resulting in excitement from many, while it left others scratching their heads wondering what they were looking at. To be honest, the pictures were more prototype than anything else, but the right ideas were clearly there, only waiting to be completely fleshed out. Google has good news – they’ve moved from ideas and prototypes and have actually created their first actual self-driving car, and it will be hitting the streets of California in 2015! In their postings about the autonomous vehicle, Google has been careful to point out that everything on this version of the car works – the lights, the brakes, the steering wheel – you know, everything that makes the car stop and go.

Check Out Google's First Self-Driving Car!

While everyone else will be spending the holiday season with friends and family, Google will be hard at work test-driving their new toy to make sure everything works just right before they send it out on the road with other vehicles in the new year. (They’ll be testing out both manual-driving as well as automatic-driving).

What do you think? Are you excited about self-driving cars, or do you feel as if they’re going to turn out to be one huge liability after another? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

[Image via Toronto Sun]

SOURCE: Google