You know the holiday season is upon us when you start seeing iconic space vehicles recreated in gingerbread, specifically the U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek. I have to admit – I enjoyed the movies, but I was never much of a trekkie, but I think even I could get into this thing. It was created by some diehard fans who also happened to be in the cake business (Blackmarket Bakery), and their skill shows on every last piece. Besides being made out of gingerbread, it also includes just about every other sweet treat you can imagine, including: tic tacs, sour straws (jr. high memories, anyone?), and candy canes. Oh – speaking of candy canes, the gingerbread Enterprise is held in the air by a “candy cane beam” that makes it look like it’s hovering in the air.

Check Out The U.S.S. Enterprise In Gingerbread

Since I’m not much of a baker, it doesn’t take much to impress me, but this is seriously well done and deserving of everyone’s praise. It’s definitely one tasty treat I couldn’t bring myself to eat.

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[Image via geekologie]