Apple are great innovators. They make great products, which are well built and have some amazing features. With the announcement of OS X 10.10 Yosemite, Apple introduced a great new feature called, Continuity. This feature allows you to field phone calls and text messages from your iOS devices and Mac.

The idea is great and the functionality of it is good, in principle. I like being able to respond to texts from my MacBook Pro when my iPhone is charging, it is a pretty neat feature. But, to be honest, I am not so chuffed on sharing phone calls between my devices. I don’t like the caterwauling  of ringtones when the devices are in close proximity and also, to be frank, I’m sure that even when my iPhone is charging, it is never too far away that I can’t grab it to receive a telephone call!

Jason Cipriani created a great post about using Continuity to make and take calls. In it he explains just how to set up the feature and also how to disable it on your Mac. The directions were clear to follow and setting up my Mac so it doesn’t ring anymore when I get a call, was easy.  But what if I also want to disable the feature on an iPad?

Navigate to Settings > FaceTime and then tap the toggle switch to turn it off for iPhone Cellular Calls. That’s it. Simple eh?

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[Image via imore]