It turns out a lot of drones are surprisingly affordable and popular right now, with hobbyists and amateurs alike. With the increase in drone activity, it has become necessary for the FAA to work in conjunction with the drone industry to make sure anyone who’s flying a drone is doing it according to the proper rules and regulations. (These rules and regulations go beyond the common sensical rules, like, “Don’t hover your drone outside a hospital window or over a crime scene). The rules they’re thinking about here have more to do with making sure you’re not going to crash the drone into an airplane or use it to cause debris to fall down on crowds.

Drone Industry & FAA Want To Make Drones Safer

If you’re new (or even if you’re not so new), you can go to and read up on all you need to know before you send the drone to the sky. Experts think a lot of young folks could get drones as a Christmas gift this year, so the timing of this site is especially important. They want everyone to understand the implications of owning a drone before they just take it out of the box and play with it, however tempting that may be.

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[Image via LasVegasSun]