Before Electronic Arts laid claim to SimCity, there was SimCity 2000.  Do you remember this gem?  Building your own city, running various ‘companies’ and maintaining schools and roads were just a few things you had to do to keep your city from financially self-destructing. In 1994, SimCity 2000 was made available for Mac OS.  It was a popular game and remained so right through the 90s.  It was eventually made available for PC as well as other gaming consoles.

Well now you can get your hands on this classic game for free!  Yes, EA has released this little piece of history for all to enjoy.  There appears to be no catch but you have to download EA’s Origin platform to play it.  I also quickly tried to download it onto my Mac and apparently you need Windows OS, though there might be a way around this.

The original SimCity was released in 1989 and developer, Maxis, owned the Sim name brand along with SimCity 2000.  The sequel game offered a number of building types, transportation options, utility buildings and financial and budgeting mechanics. 

Originally, SimCity 2000 offered pre-built city scenarios but you could also start from scratch.  Eventually, scenarios included ‘disaster’ expansions.  You could also change building designs used in the game.  You have access to both in the current version of SimCity 2000 for free.

Normally, you have to purchase this game for $5.99 but currently it is free for an unknown time.  Even if you don’t remember this classic (or are too young to remember), it is still an amazing piece of gaming history.  Even better, once you have downloaded it, it is yours to keep forever.  So grab yourself a bargain today!

[Image via moma]