Besides getting some pretty awesome travel perks, 23,000 flight attendants from United Airlines will also be outfitted with Apple’s latest iPhone 6 Plus sometime during 2015. This move is designed to be another step in the airline becoming “paperless” and making things run that much more smoothly while in the air. Flight attendants will be able to use the iPhone to perform retail transactions, to read their emails (work related, of course), view the calendar, etc. United is also reportedly preparing to make the policy manual for flight attendants accessible via the iPhone in the near future, thereby saving that much extra space in the cabin.

Flight Attendants From United To Get iPhone 6 Plus

I’m a bit surprised that more airlines haven’t attempted to do this sort of thing earlier with the advancement in smartphone/tablet technology over the past few years. It seems things would be much more efficient than with pen and paper methods. (Many pilots have been given iPads, though).

What do you think? Do you feel we as a society are relying a bit too much upon our technology? Do you fear for the day it may fail us? Let us know in the comments section below!

[Image via TapScape]