I’ve bought plenty of video game consoles from the store in my day, including a Nintendo Gamecube, an Xbox, a PS2, and Xbox 360, etc; I know well the feelings of anticipation brought on by such a purchase. You can’t wait to get home to unbox it, hook it up, and spend the rest of the day gaming out to your favorite game. It’s an awesome experience. But what happens when you open your new console’s box and what you find inside isn’t at all what you expected to find? What happens when you slice through all the tape and wrapping materials, and instead of a new gaming machine, all you find is a box of rocks? While that sounds like a drastic example, I’m really not reaching for the stars here – that’s exactly what happened to an unfortunate Walmart customer in Denver recently. The customer, Igor Baksht, bought a PS4 that had earlier been returned to the store and wanted to open it up before he gifted it to his niece to make sure everything was as it should be. Obviously, everything was not as it should be and he once again returned the PS4 box to the store. This time, however, Walmart didn’t accept the return so easily. (He was eventually able to get the manager to give him a refund).

Man Buys PS4 At Walmart & Gets A Box Of Rocks

I hate to say it, but make sure you open up any previously returned merchandise, especially video game consoles, before you get them home. Technically, stores should be doing this before they authorize a return, but we all know how that goes.

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[Image via Cinema Blend]