I’ve heard about all kinds of awesome proposal stories over the years, and with all of the advances in technology, people just seem to be getting more and more creative. (Not all the great stories have happy endings, though – last month Techbeat reported about a young man who bought a ton of iPhone 6’s, arranged them in a heart-shape, and then proposed to his girlfriend who ended up turning him down in front of a fairly large crowd of people. Poor guy). Sometimes, though, it’s just fun to talk about successful proposals aided by smartphones! Ben Chudley, a native of England, recently decided it was time to pop the big question to his girlfriend and wanted to do something creative and romantic; so, he decided to ask the question using a GPS running app.

How exactly does that work? For Chudley, it involved running a route that caused his path to spell out, “Will You Marry Me?” Obviously, this tactic required a heck of a lot of thought and planning before he was able to pull it off, but the end result, as you can clearly see below, worked like a charm. He later posted the route on his Facebook, called and told his girlfriend to view his run, and as she looked at it, he came through the door and proposed to her – armed with flowers and a ring, of course.

Man Proposes Using GPS Running App

She said yes – as if there was ever any doubt.

What do you think? Who would’ve thought to use a GPS this way for a marriage proposal?

[Image via NYDailyNews]