I don’t know if you have a Keurig coffee maker or not, but I hope you do. My family waited quite a while to finally pony up and buy one, but we are oh so glad we did. It’s been quite wonderful for someone like me who seemed to always forget just how much coffee I was supposed to use when making a pot in the morning. Now, all I have to remember is to put the water in the Keurig along with the little K-Cup and I’m good to go! It’s as simple and convenient as that. One of the reasons we hesitated in buying one in the first place was the price of the K-Cups themselves; friends had told us they were ridiculously expensive, and we didn’t want to develop what might turn into an expensive indulgence. So we waited. But then we could wait no longer, and here’s what we found, much to our delight: if you buy the off brand “K-Cups” (or single serve pods, whatever you like to call them), they don’t cost quite so much. We can always find a 12-pack for less than $5, and don’t feel that’s a huge price to pay. We probably shouldn’t be getting used to that, though, as it has been heard through the grapevine that Keurig’s newest coffee makers won’t be compatible with the off-brand single serve cups.

New Keurigs Won't Take Off Brand K-Cups

As many people like to get a quality product for the least amount they can buy it for, more than a few have become upset about this news. As a result, a group of hackers decided to make an online video showing Keurig users exactly how to use whatever brand of single-serve pods they wanted to use. You can view the video here. The hackers want coffee drinkers to have access to whatever coffee they want to have, and not for them to have to be bound by Keurig’s rules.

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[Image via Marketing Warriors]