You never know what could happen when you sit down to eat at a restaurant. You could get really bad service, you could get food poisoning, your food could end up tasting awful, someone could mess up your bill – the possibilities are near endless. Or, none of those things could happen to you and you could instead get nicked in the nose by a flying drone! With all of the increase in the popularity of drones, many people and agencies are highly concerned with people’s safety around drones; after all, anything can happen without much of a warning. Consider this recent unfortunate circumstance that happened at a New York TGI Fridays restaurant.

TGI Friday's Drone Accidentally Cuts Photographer's Nose

Apparently the restaurant had began using a mistletoe-toting quadcopter drone to inspire romantic moments for their customers. The drone would hover above their heads while carrying a branch of mistletoe, hopefully inspiring them to kiss. The Brooklyn Daily heard about this, sent some of their staff to investigate, and they got more of a story than they could’ve hoped for.

The drone pilot asked the photographer from the group if the drone could land on her hand, and she apparently agreed. Somewhere along the way, the drone went a.w.o.l. and ended up hitting the photographer in the nose, causing the blood to start flowing. Everyone seems to blame the other person, with the pilot stating that the woman hit the drone, causing it to hit her in the nose.

I don’t know much about this kind of thing, but something tells me having drones flying in restaurants will just open up the door to all kinds of different lawsuits. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below!

[Image via NY Daily News]